The Half Rye

Coming from the Czech Republic, I especially love the combination of rye and cumin. This type of bread is the standard and what you will find in every supermarket and local store- and for good reason! This bake has more of a denser crumb, dissimilar to standard sourdough bakes where everyone strives for that open … Continue reading The Half Rye

Plain White Sourdough

This is quite possibly the easiest but also one of the best sourdough recipes and it’s the one I most often frequent. It’s relatively easy, doesn’t require a lot of skill or ingredients and only uses a single type of flour- strong white. In most of my other recipes or posts, I usually mix flours … Continue reading Plain White Sourdough

My First Sourdough Loaf

Once you have your starter active and sound, you’ll be dying to start putting it to good use! (If you don’t have a starter yet, here’s how I make mine) This is probably the easiest sourdough recipe in existence and utilises just one type of flour. It’s good to bake with just one type of … Continue reading My First Sourdough Loaf