The Half Rye

Coming from the Czech Republic, I especially love the combination of rye and cumin. This type of bread is the standard and what you will find in every supermarket and local store- and for good reason! This bake has more of a denser crumb, dissimilar to standard sourdough bakes where everyone strives for that open … Continue reading The Half Rye

Plain White Sourdough

This is quite possibly the easiest but also one of the best sourdough recipes and it’s the one I most often frequent. It’s relatively easy, doesn’t require a lot of skill or ingredients and only uses a single type of flour- strong white. In most of my other recipes or posts, I usually mix flours … Continue reading Plain White Sourdough

Sourdough Pizza #1

Pizza! Who doesn’t love it? Whether Italian or American style, we all love to feast upon the salty, cheesy, gooey delight. There’s a million restaurants and takeaways who put their own spin on it- but this is one of the best! And you can make it right at home! All you need are some basic … Continue reading Sourdough Pizza #1

My First Sourdough Loaf

Once you have your starter active and sound, you’ll be dying to start putting it to good use! (If you don’t have a starter yet, here’s how I make mine) This is probably the easiest sourdough recipe in existence and utilises just one type of flour. It’s good to bake with just one type of … Continue reading My First Sourdough Loaf

The Cumin One

This is one of my absolutely favourite loaves. It never fails to produce a nice rise and always has a reliable prove and bake. The recipe itself is so simple but the taste of this loaf is fantastic! It has a crunchy crust and a soft crumb making it suitable to be paired with just … Continue reading The Cumin One

The Starter

The most daunting prospect of baking sourdough; the most important. Whenever you find the perfect,vsourdough recipe one ingredient will without a doubt feature- a ‘starter’ but what actually is it? A starter is what starts the entire fermentation process which leads to all of the delicious baking you’re about to embark upon. For some, the … Continue reading The Starter